June 21 – July 22

The Crab. An Water sign, ruled by the Moon…

Cancers are the ones ruled by the Moon – also called the Great Mother of the heavens in ancient times. On earth, this is shown in the mother Crab’s natural tendency and desire to protect home. This may seem to be suffocating at times, but that’s the Crab for you. The Moon is related with fertility, too, a power that is most enjoyable by Cancers. Also the Moon is ruler of moods, and Cancers have many of those. These people can cry you a river if they’re so inclined, and they usually are. They can be overly sensitive, easily hurt and prone to brooding. Even after all this, Crabs find it easy to be sympathetic to others and are quick while showing their affection. Their intuition is also a positive tool to them, especially during the times of stress.

The element associated with Cancer is Water. Like the sea waves, Crab’s emotions can make a good splash. These people often pick up on things and bring them in, with an out of the way result ranging from sentimentality to possessiveness. Crabs have to resist the temptation to become selfish or to feel sorry for themselves, since this behavior will make things go wrong. On the better side, Cancers are good with money, because they value a sense of security. Crabs are also quick to help others and tend to avoid confrontation. In keeping with their nurturing bent, those born under this sign are a whiz with food. A hearty picnic in the park is heaven-on-earth to most Crabs.

Cancer love horoscope :-

 According to cancer love & relationship horoscopes 2017, most of time-spells in the year 2017 will be supportive to regular deepening and strengthening of the love and relationships of Cancerians with lover, spouse, friends, relatives, siblings, etc.
Chances are high of flourishing new love affairs of Cancer persons in the year 2017. But, intermittent presence of mystic delays and difficulties in love matters will also be there, demanding emotional control and prudent handling of things. The love affairs and loving relationships of Cancerians from previous years, are to become more passionate and enticing in the year 2017. decelerated by some trivial disturbances from time to time.
The love marriages and arranged marriages of Cancerians in the year 2017 will surely be successful and happy, but with some obstacles and disturbances from familial and social people.
Lastly, the married life of Cancer persons will also be peaceful, smooth, and harmonious in bulk spells of the year 2017. Likely are only some minor and trivial clashes, arguments, and disputes from time to time. In general, the problems and conflicts both in the love life and married life of Cancer people will be caused by the planets Saturn and Rahu. Hence, patience, tolerance, and wise handling of matters related with love and domesticity, will be very beneficial.

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