Gemstones & Astrology Planets

Gemstones & Astrology Planets

In astrology works, the 9 astrology planets are assigned 9 totally different gemstones. According to the classical known astrology work 'Jatak Parijat' we can divide the astrology planets and their stones as follows:

Sun (Surya)                  Ruby (Manik)
Moon (Chandra)         White Pearl (Moti)
Mercury (Budha)        Emerald (Panna)
Mars (Mangal)             Red Coral (Moonga)
Jupiter (Guru)            Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)
Venus (Shukra)           Diamond (Heera) Gemstone
Saturn (Shani)            Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Gemstone
Rahu Hessonite          Gomedha Gemstone
Ketu Cat's Eye            (Lahusunia) Gemstone

Another noted Indian classical work 'Phaldeepika' has also subscribed to the above view. These stones are referred to as Navratnas (Nine Gems). Gemology though not considers all to be precious stones, however being associated with the astrology planets, they're of substantial remedial use.
Vedic astrology since the traditional times has continuously believed within the healing powers of the gemstones. Here we tend to study the assorted precious furthermore as semi-precious stones, and concerning differentiating between auspicious and inauspicious stones furthermore because the planets and diseases related to a stone and its curative powers.
We will show you which ones stone is appropriate for you consistent with your lagna (ascendant) and also the position of the earth related to the stone in your kundali (chart). we've conjointly provided you with a chart that tells you what gemstones to wear supported your Nirayana Sun sign. we've conjointly compound with info on the rituals believed to be necessary to purify the gemstone before carrying and also the mantra related to that gemstone. For any further guidance on Gemstone and planets you may visit Shri Aditya Sharma Ji in Chandigarh.

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