Get Your Girlfriend Back

Get your Girlfriend back

When you are truly in love with something  and  somebody steal it from you it gives your pain sometime you argue  or either stay quiet  hoping that the situation would change, but the feeling of involvement  towards the thing never ended.

Relationship is alike to it when somebody steal your girlfriend from you the whole life took  a painful, depressing  gear. We try to divert our mind involving  in other things but at the end of the day, while going for asleep mind taking a reverse..  Stuck to that part of life which gives us  misery from which we were running  throughout  the day. sometimes we are alone, memory revived into our mind of togetherness and the fun we made with eachother.  Everything seems ups and downs. Some involve  taking alcohol, some cried a lot which leads  to depression, destroying there body too….

Some of the situations  where:

      1.  parents are not accepting the love.

      2.  Being cheated.

      3.  Due to castism

      4.  Fights turns horrible because  of third person.

We try to find the solution  but it does not seem possible to us. at the time of pain, anger  our consciousness does not work, did not  tend us to look  from different prospective of our life.

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