Home Peace

Home Peace

Sweet home is dedicated to a home with complete peace and happiness with healthy relations wherever in Hindi it identified by” Graha Shanti “. however during this fast-paced world wherever everybody desires privatization and glamourous life? astrology is that the entranceway to home peace wherever we recommend you the way best you’ll be able to bring complete peace to your home. An area wherever you intend to pay your remainder of your life gaily and with complete comfort however how?
When we think about home, we predict of that place during which to place our roots. We lay the foundation, and we firmly believe we plant on Earth. One day, we are going to come to the world itself. The Fourth House brings things to the place to begin additionally turning to adulthood, and eventually to our final resting place. a lot of stress is targeted on the way to bring complete happiness and like to a similar home. Today, major section of the society believes in astrology and horoscope predictions for transfer wealth, peace, prosperity and health to the house.
• If you’re looking to resolve your family problem?
• Are your fed up joint family issues?
• Are you getting fed up hatred love wedding life?
• Are your home filled with family disturbances?
• Are your relations become devious and loose?

Graha Shanti Pooja Yagya

The Graha Shanti Yagya Havan is that the combined Yagya’s for all the 9 planets and is being divided into 9 components. The Navgraha Shanti Yagya Havan is taken into account to be terribly helpful and helpful yagya, as a result of the Yagya strengthens the helpful planets and will increase the positive influence and minimizes the negative influence of the unhealthy planets by neutralizing their impact. The Yagya being in hot water the Graha Shanti is being suggested to everybody and notably for those whose planets have malevolent impact on the horoscope. The Graha Shanti yagya is usually recommended to perform each year to confirm that the most advantage is being achieved from the planets. It’s suggested that everybody ought to keep their planets please so as to achieve all the prosperity of the life. The Yagya being performed for 9 planets ought to be performed with full religion to keep off all the evils of planetary configuration. The 9 planets within the individual horoscope management the destiny, wishes and every one the outcomes. All the 9 planets exerts associate influence in our lives and is termed ‘Dasa’ and may be formed from one’s horoscope. The Graha Shanti Homam is undertaken to cut back all the negative effects and to spice up up all the positive energies in one’s horoscope.

How to do Graha Shanti Pooja

The Yagya is being performed by the pandit for the Graha Shanti Pooja so as to bring peace and prosperity within the lifetime of a personal. The Graha’s of the individual is being happy in order that no issues occur within the lifetime of a personal. The yagya has to be performed each year in order that no problem happens. The yagya samagri ought to be correct to try to the Havan. The 9 planets astrology ought to be recited to induce advantages.

Importance of Graha Shanti Pooja Yagya

The main importance of Graha Shanti Pooja Yagya lies within the pleasing of all the 9 planets so as to measure the life with jam-packed with happiness and prosperity. All the negative effects from the lifetime of a personal are being removed and also the positive energy is being boosted up in order that no evil energy will hurt the individual.

Benefits of Graha Shanti Pooja Yagya

All the evil effects being off from the lifetime of individual and also the wealth and health is being maintained throughout the life. No evil planet will damage the individual by its malevolent impact and also the prosperity is being maintained.

Astrology for Graha Shanti Pooja Yagya:

{Om dhumra varnaya Vidmahe kapota vahanaya dhee mahi, tannah ketuh prachodayaat}

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