Problems In Married Life

Marital Problems Solution in Chandigarh, Mohali

Today, we are providing you a lot of requested post and far anticipated post, remedies for the marital problems we’ve got several request for this subject, thus here is that the special and straightforward remedies for wedding life issues, apply it and live happy life.
If Sun, Mars and Ketu are second, seventh and eighth place in birth chart, additionally if there’s a affiliation between Ketu and Mars in twelfth place in birth chart then as a result of effects of this planet’s marital problems when one year of wedding. They quarrel with one another, relation may well be broken.
Partners need to perceive one another and their family when marrying for succeeding one year. one who have horizontal and parallelogram lines on Venus Mountain and web on it they must become aware. cyber web on Venus Mountain shows the issues on initial stage throughout the married life. If lines comes from Venus and goes to Mars or lines comes from Mountain of Mars and goes to Venus then one ought to management on their speech and behavior.
If wedding line becomes robust and involves wrinkle then it’s not thought-about smart. they need to face several issues in their commencing year of married life. If wedding line goes to Mountain of Sun then it indicates issues arise when engagement.
Parents ought to concentrate if this kind of characteristic they see in their child’s behavior. oldsters ought to teach youngsters to figure with cooperation. you must keep patient once you have issues.

• You should devote water to Sun. you must stand on blankets, rubber or wood whereas devoting water to Sun.
• You can keep one or 2 empty sugar luggage on your balcony or terrace. Plant Tulsi in your home. Keep Sindoor, honey and fruit of Dhatura in bowl and alter it once it sinks. you must do that live a minimum of one year in order that you’ll be able to get profit.

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