November 22 – December 21

The Centaur. A Fire sign, ruled by Jupiter..

Sagittarius is a sun sign that is ruled by Jupiter. In ancient Roman times, Jupiter was considered as King of the Gods, and most Sagittarians would say that the marvellous dynasty has been passed on to them. Sagittarius are generous and noble leader types. They are also extrovert and open in their thoughts, as well as in their approach. Sags are mostly searching for knowledge, understanding and answers. They are outspoken in their beliefs, at times to the point of exaggeration. This may be due to their resolute optimism. Sags are also a lucky bunch, thanks to Jupiter’s golden glow. They’re quick to take a gamble on things, feeling both lucky and smart. While the process of exploration is what fuels Sagittarians, they need to be aware of their tendency to delay. Those born under this sign can be quite self-indulgent since things come so easily to them, thanks to their charming and sociable natures. Smart Archers, however, will catch themselves in time, the better to continue their good work.

Fire is the Element associated with Sagittarius. Just as a fire they move quickly and uncontrollably, they flit from one thing to the next, never looking back. For the Sag-born, it’s all about action and adventure with, hopefull conclusions. These folks love their physicality and are often athletic, and certainly full of stamina. Life for these folks is played full-on, which is why it’s chock-full of experiences. Archers are outgoing, enthusiastic and tend to overstep their bounds as a result, falling prey to the likes of foot-in-mouth disease. They can talk in speed and so much, that they don’t process the full weight of what they’re saying, leading to the occasional hurt feeling. Mostly, their words serve to inspire others and to get things going. Sagittarians are straight-ahead folks who are curious, spiritual and true believers. Its a fact that they attract others with ease should be no surprise, since they have a great sense of fun and enjoy a good time. They don’t lack for confidence, either, not a whit! High-spirited Sags love to socialize — with an ever-changing crew.

Sagittarius love horoscope :-

Amply favorable and generous is the year 2017 to Sagittarians for peace, progress, and prosperity in both the love life and marital life of them. However, natural will be some conflicts and disturbances from time to time. But, remember, things in these fields can be made optimally best with consistent and prudent efforts.
Young single Sagittarians may come across new romantic/love affairs in the year 2017. Any problematic issues related with love, including those coming from previous years, will get resolved in the year 2017.
For both the love marriages and arranged marriages, the last quarter of the year 2017 is most auspicious and suitable.
The married Sagittarians will witness a happy lease of domestic life in nearly all spells of the year 2017.

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