Taurus – April 20 – May 20

The Bull. An Earth sign, ruled by Venus...

People who belong to the sun sign of Taurus are called Taureans. It is the second of the twelve sun signs. Born between the month of april and may in any year, they are ruled by the god of earth, Venus, they are also known to have characteristics of the bull. Known to the world for their good food and good life They are loyal and attached to their loved ones, jobs, employers, project, friends and almost everyone and everything. But there are always some bad in every good,these people hate changes and become restless when they feel any change in their surroundings.

Taurus love horoscope :-

As per the the taurus love and relationship horoscope predictions 2017, Taurus people are gonna be happy and prosperous in romance and love affairs they engage themselves into. The new relationships, love life, and married life, may be the bulk happiness parts of the year 2017.
Fruiting love affairs for single Taurus persons, in the year 2017 is greatly suitable, especially the second half of this. Again, the love marriages or arranged marriages of single Taurus persons are predicted to be successful , happy & forever.
If already existing in love affairs, Taurus people will go on deepening and strengthened into love, for also the ending months of the year 2017 is fully supportive.
For the new couples and social relationships , for Taurus, the most easy and compatible people to approach in the year 2017 will be Cancerians,Capricorns,Virgos, and Pisceans.
Married couples of Taurus will be colourful, peaceful, and successful throughout the year 2017, mostly in the last four months of the year.
For the best possible outcomes , Taurus people are instructed to do the following in the year 2017 :- be careing and generous towards lover/spouse; avoid unreasonable or unnecessary arguments or clashes; spill compatibility and sweetness in love/married life; and give quality time to lover/spouse.

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